History and Background

Föreningen Bjäre Arkeologivänner (The Bjäre Friends of Archaeology Society) was founded in 1989 as an outcome of a study circle. The Society organises sessions and walking tours on and nearby the Bjäre peninsula. The initiator of the archaeology walking tours is Gunilla Roos-Nilsson, who guides with feeling insight and great knowledge. She allows the participants to face the prehistoric Bjäre in a modern landscape as they get equipped with the “right” eyes.

The Bjäre peninsula is located on the Swedish west coast in the north-western part of the province of Skåne, very close to the province of Halland. The Society works mainly on the Bjäre peninsula where it units theory and practice throughout lectures and walking tours with historic objectives.

The Society addresses itself to individuals of
any age with an interest in archaeology and history. The number of members amounts to to 124 individuals (in 2002) and has, since the Society was established increased for every year. It is however not only the members that favour the work. Studieförbundet Vuxenskolan (SV) has also recognised the effort and accomplishment, and therefore awarded the Society with the SV’s Price of Culture in 2001.

Even though the Society takes an overall interest in archaeology and history if is mainly devoted to the Bronze Age. The engagement for this period has for instance resulted in the construction of Bovigården (the Bovi House). Bovigården is a Bronze Age house that has been re-created in full-size with the findings of a genuine habitation as a model. If you are interested you may visit Bovigården. Bovigården is located nearby the folk museum in Boarp just south of Båstad.

If you want to know what the Society is doing right now please have a look at our agenda under the Calendar-subpage.

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